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The Prostate Health Journal Score
1. DrFormulas Prostate An excellent formulation that met most, if not all, of our criteria.
2. Prosta-Response is a well-formulated prostate supplement
3. Urinozinc Prostate Plus is a vast improvement over the original formulation
Prostalex Plus is one of the better prostate supplements on the market
Peenuts is an above average formula that could be improved with more DHT-blockers
Prostate 5LX is a well known supplement that has room for improvement
Prostanol has a good combination of ingredients but low doses
Prosvent did not have many of the ingredients we were looking for
Super Beta Prostate met some of our specifications for a quality prostate supplement
Antiiva only met 2 out of the 3 criterias we had
Real Health Prostate Formula is an okay formula. The use of titanium dioxide dye is concerning
Schiff Prostate Health Formula is a supplement that could use improvement

7 Responses

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  1. CARLOS says

    Do you have information about Blue Bonet MEN’S PROSTATE FORMULA?

  2. Bob Websrer Jr. says

    What is your opinion of Prostavar or Vasotrexx?

  3. alan says

    what are the ingredients??doesn’t seem any difference between top 3 rated

  4. Ed says

    Prosta Rye is not included in your comparisons. Are you unfamiliar, or do you just not consider it a viable alternative for enlarged prostate.

  5. Paul R Rendon says

    From 11pm to 6.30am I’ll get up to go urinate about 3 times sometimes 4 times this just started about three weeks ago but during the day I’m normal as always.

  6. Mark Yablon says

    what about trunature prostate health complex available at costco?

  7. Leroy Gonsalves says

    Wanted to have trial sample if and when it becomes available sent to me. Thank you.


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